Schluss mit der Selbstoptimierung,it’s time to lean back



With digital transformation, the concept of successful leadership has fundamentally changed. Thriving in the digital age requires a fundamental mindset change: network thinking and agile methods are only the tip of the iceberg. Leaders need to lead differently: create an environment of trust, inspire creativity, leverage the swarm intelligence to stay innovative and competitive, and above all embrace diversity and openness.

The continuous change necessary to stay creative and innovative requires a huge amount of self-reflection and personal growth. The ability to listen to others, and be authenticand humble needs to be cultivated. Creation your own individual definition of success and developing the ability to see the greater picture is essential.

Lean in is not the recipe for success any more. The power lies in leaning back.

We at the red lab collected stories to form two books showcasing people who can inspire the next generation to do the right thing. Stories that show that the foundation of innovation and true business success is collaboration, inner strength and personal growth.


Harness the power of women and men equally to meet the challenges of the digital age.

We need to create an environment in which women can help shape corporate contexts. 42 personal stories shared by 42 fantastic women and men about how they found the courage to pursue a career, self-doubt notwithstanding.

Diversity is the key to innovation. Companies and cultures that do not recognize and live this will fall behind. Lean Back Volume 1 showcases the stories of women who together illuminate the diverse facets of the German and international economy.


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The Isms of Art (1914—1924)
Edited by Hans Arp and El Lissitzky